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GiftYa Expands Partnership With Renowned Chicago Restaurants


GiftYa is taking the Chicago breakfast scene by storm with restaurants such as Yolk, Kanela Breakfast Club and Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. This partnership makes it easier than ever for Chicago natives and others to give an eGift from anywhere in the U.S.

How Grit And Generosity Will Lead To Wealth With GiftYa’s Jason Wolfe


Jason Wolfe sold several companies for huge profits, including for 120 million dollars. The gifting entrepreneur grew up as an orphan at the Milton Hershey School when his mentally ill mother could not care for him. The lessons learned at the school focused on not just a strong work ethic and structure, but also specific lessons on building businesses with a spirit of generosity.

Sentral, LLC and SHAZAM Provide Universal Access to Merchant Rewards Programs


Sentral, LLC, a card-linked merchant rewards gateway for debit transactions, and SHAZAM, one of the nation’s only member-owned and controlled debit network and payments providers, today announced the signing of a letter of intent whereby SHAZAM will utilize Sentral’s RAMP platform for the provision of merchant rewards transactions to the growing card-linked offer marketplace. A card-link program offers rewards, discounts or cashback amounts automatically applied to consumer debit or credit cards when a purchase is made at a participating merchant.

GiftYa Shaking Up Gift Giving


Gift cards are no new thing and appear to be the one consumer transaction that hasn’t evolved much over time. That is, until now. On this episode of The Bistro Jason Wolfe, Founder of GiftYa, explains how his company is revolutionizing the gift-giving industry providing consumers with a fresh gifting option. Listen in to find out more!

GiftYa Welcomes Jim Podroskey As Director Of Engineering


GiftYa today announced that Jim Podroskey has joined the company as Director of Engineering.

GiftYa Welcomes Carlos Tribino As Chief Marketing Officer


GiftYa today announced that Carlos Tribino has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. He will support the company’s rapid development.

Sentral, LLC and myGini, Inc to Provide Universal Access to Merchant Rewards Programs 


Sentral, LLC, a card-linked merchant rewards gateway for debit transactions, and fintech provider myGini, Inc, today announced the signing of an agreement and the near-term launch of a new service based on the integration of the myGini app with Sentral’s Debit Link platform. The integration makes it possible for consumers to redeem card-linked offers (CLO) on their debit card whether they pay by PIN or signature, simplifying the consumer experience and increasing revenue for publishers.


GiftYa Wants To Change How We Use Gift Cards By Getting Rid Of The Card Altogether 


Imagine this: It's a special occasion, and you're given a gift card to celebrate. You put it in your wallet, amongst other cards and coupons, then forget it's there. Or, you can't remember how much money is still on it – was it three dollars or three cents? – and eventually, it goes in the trash.

Jason Wolfe, CEO of Green Tree-based GiftYa, said his company has a better way. Instead of giving a physical gift card, a person can give you store credit that's linked to your Visa or Mastercard. Once you use your credit card at that store or restaurant, the credit you were gifted is used to pay for the transaction.


Carnegie Science Award Recipient, Entrepreneur Category 


Each year, Carnegie Science Center’s Carnegie Science Awards recognizes and celebrates innovative and inspiring leaders in western Pennsylvania who are on the cutting edge of the science and technology industries. At a private reception at the Science Center on March 12, 2019, officials announced that Jason Wolfe will receive a Carnegie Science Award in the Entrepreneur category in recognition of his ongoing investments in Pittsburgh’s business and technology sectors.


The Mother of All Gift Guides!


Whether you’re shopping for your mom, a new mom, grandma, or your mother-in-law, giving great Mother’s Day gifts can be challenging. Smart Shopping Expert for GiftYa, Trae Bodge is here with gift ideas to make any mom in your life feel special!


Unlimited Cash Back Rewards Now Offered Through Money-Saving Website, Gift Card Granny 


Gift Card Granny, the world’s largest gift card savings website, announced the availability of cash back rewards. The new rewards platform has no limit to the amount of cash back a customer can earn. Rewards are earned through actions such as making a purchase on select gift cards, subscribing to the Gift Card Granny newsletter or creating an account. A recent study by Gift Card Granny shows that of the 3,128 respondents, nearly 83% use cash back rewards. Additionally, 84% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if cash back rewards are available.


KDKA Newsradio 1020 with Robert Mangino


Jason Wolfe shares details about the benefits of using GiftYa on KDKA Newsradio 1020 with Robert Mangino.


New Card-Linked Gifting Service Now Available – GiftYa Launches In Pittsburgh 


Wolfe, LLC, an investor and incubator company, announced today the launch of their beta version card-linked gifting service, GiftYa, as part of the company’s efforts to grow innovative financial technology and ecommerce businesses.

GiftYa allows users to send a gift amount to any retail merchant across the United States including top national brands, local restaurants, online shops and more within seconds. This one-of-a-kind platform links a gift from a sender to the recipient’s debit card, automatically crediting the recipient’s account for purchases at a specified merchant.


Going Deep With Aaron: Don’t Marry Your Business, Commit to Your People w/ Jason Wolfe 


Jason Wolfe is an entrepreneur through and through. After growing up in the Milton Hershey School, an orphanage founded by Milton Hershey, Jason found himself living out of his car. He taught himself himself how to code by using books at the local library and CompUSA's 'Building the Perfect Web'. This led to building the first coupon website and launching his first internet business. From 1995 to 2000, Jason built the business, raising $500k in VC from Jupiter Media and garnering >$1 million in annual sales and 20 million page views per month. sold for roughly $23 million in 2000, shortly before the DotCom bubble burst. Jason rolled over his proceeds into successive wins with his companies Direct Response Technologies (acquired by Digital River for $22 million), Jambo Media (for $15 million) and (by Blackhawk Network for $120 million).

Pittsburgh Technology Council Names New Chairman of Board 


Jason Wolfe has been named chairman of the Pittsburgh Technology Council.


Retailers Gaining Control In Secondary Gift Card Market


Gift Card Granny (GCG), the world’s largest discount gift card website, announces the launch of Granny Exclusive, a new platform that allows merchants to manage their product listings. GCG is dedicated to partnering with merchants and directly sourcing gift cards to consumers. Currently, more than 100 merchant brands are working with the company.


Sentral, LLC Launched to Support Growing Card-Linked Services Market


Industry veteran Steven VanFleet and Wolfe, LLC have partnered to build a new platform that provides access to transactions processed by debit networks in the United States.Sentral, LLC addresses unfulfilled needs in the growing card-linked services business.

As many large consumer rebate-discount companies have made significant commitments to the use of Card-Linked Services, whereby a cardholder can register their credit card to automatically receive discounts when shopping at retailers, the lack of an industry infrastructure for universal access to debit card activity has been a challenge.


Wolfe, LLC Adds John Glicksman as General Counsel


Wolfe, LLC, former owner of and Direct Response Technologies, both technology startups that sold for over $150M, has decided to focus on building more technology success stories in Pittsburgh and has added very well-known local executive John Glicksman as General Counsel.

Mr. Glicksman has been an Officer and Board Director with publicly-traded, privately-held, for-profit, and not-for-profit businesses, and he has worked with technology companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 entities as Chief Legal Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief HR Officer. Mr. Glicksman has worked in multiple economic environments, helping two companies to achieve national market expansions and guiding two companies through successful restructurings. He also has served as a Fund Director for western Pennsylvania’s first purely life sciences-focused venture capital fund. Mr. Glicksman also has experience as an Officer and Director with federal and state trade associations; as a publicly-elected Councilman; and as an adjunct university professor. Taps Richard Corso as Chief Revenue Officer

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 announced the newest addition to the company’s growing leadership team, hiring seasoned executive Richard Corso as Chief Revenue Officer.

Corso’s 30-year career in international business began with 16 years in management consulting and most recently includes two proprietary e-commerce platforms. Spanning the c-suite with roles of CFO, COO, and CEO, Corso’s responsibilities have centered on user experience innovations leading annual revenues of $250 million and nearly $1 billion in assets.


Gift Card Granny Announces Alliance With NCFTA to Further Reduce Fraud in the Online Gift Card Space


Gift Card Granny, the largest and most trusted consumer meta website for buying and selling discounted gift cards, today announced its initiative with the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance. The National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance is one of the most recognized and respected cybercrime research and prevention organizations in the world. The joint effort will further increase consumer safety through actively reducing the potential for fraud and cyber theft.

Online fraud, particularly using stolen or compromised credit, debit and gift cards, is a growing concern for retailers and law enforcement alike. Gift Card Granny and the NCFTA have joined forces to preemptively prevent and reduce fraud in the $100 billion gift card industry. Actionable data indicating high risk attributes will be available to merchants, banks, financial institutions, and online gift card sellers to mitigate losses and deter bad actors.


Gift Card Granny Moves into Green Tree Building

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA DECEMBER 17, 2016, the largest discount gift card website with over 12 million yearly visits, is hoping to follow in the foot steps of a former gift card tech giant that once occupied their office space, Former CEO and now Gift Card Granny CEO, Jason Wolfe, is no stranger to building and selling successful businesses, as winner of numerous local and national awards around entrepreneurialism., the most trafficked and largest online retailer of gift cards, was his latest success. Blackhawk Network acquired the dot com business on January 6 of this year for $120 million, expanding their rapidly growing ecommerce business. As a testament to the outstanding team and technology built in Pittsburgh, Blackhawk Network chose to keep in Pittsburgh expanding into Foster Plaza, leaving their old building vacant.


2014 'You Gift. We Gift.' Trip


We just returned from another amazing You Gift. We Gift. tour. The tour is part of the overall You Gift. We Gift. programs, which provides needy children unexpected gifts around the holidays.This year marks our second outing as we made the journey from Pittsburgh to Tampa in just four days. Stops on the way include Charlotte, Augusta, Greenville and Gainesville. In each city, we had the chance to visit local family shelters, food banks and nominated children.=


Pittsburgh's Comeback Kid []


Deep within the recesses of the DoubleTree Hotel in Pittsburgh, Jason Wolfe is mentally preparing himself to deliver a speech at his company’s quarterly meeting. He’s stationed in the back of the hotel’s ballroom, seated, swiping through slides, reviewing his talking points. He looks up, takes a breath, and begins to make his way toward the front. Wolfe, the 45-year-old chief executive of, is hardly shy.


Congrats to the Pittsburgh Tech 50 Winners!


The Pittsburgh Technology Council announced the winners of the 18th annual Tech 50 awards this past Tuesday. I'm proud to say that was a nominee in not one, but two catigories: Advanced Manufacturing Company of the Year & CEO of the Year. While we didn't walk away with a win I'm very proud that we were nominated to stand with such great business partners in the Pittsburgh Tech community. Congrats to all winners and hopefully see you there next year!.


Congrats to the Pittsburgh Tech 50 Winners!

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA OCTOBER 23, 2014 was recently recognized as one of Pittsburgh's 'Smart 50' companies within the region. The Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in the region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations.