Merchant Solutions

Our objective is to offer solutions that optimize our clients' gifting programs, stimulate engagement, and enhance their brand's reputation.

Reaf Marketing

Reaf Marketing specializes in B2B gifting solutions, placing particular emphasis on gift card program management. Alongside gift card sales and online ordering portals, our services encompass program oversight, ensuring seamless execution from fulfillment to customer service. With a strategic focus on driving engagement and enhancing brand visibility, we deliver personalized and efficient gifting experiences for businesses.

Give InKind

Give InKind’s comprehensive and customizable support platform powers fundraising, meal trains, gift card trains, and more. Centralizing engagement around life’s biggest moments, your team stays connected and cared for with a Give InKind for Teams group page, dedicated webinars, and year end reporting to celebrate how much support you’ve powered.

Wolfe Technical Solutions

Wolfe Technical Solutions specializes in facilitating seamless gift card ordering experiences through customizable Ordering Portals that are reliably hosted as well as able to be embedded within a businesses' website. With robust API functionality, Wolfe enables effortless integration with familiar ordering and card functionality systems. Wolfe offers comprehensive fulfillment services including printing and shipping plastic gift cards, or emailing or texting virtual gift cards, to ensure timely and reliable delivery, providing businesses with a complete solution for their gifting needs.

Issuance Solutions

Wolfe's Issuance Solution offers turnkey gift card management for merchants seeking seamless entry into the gift card space or efficient management of existing programs. With intuitive tools and comprehensive support, Wolfe simplifies the issuance process, empowering merchants to effortlessly create, distribute, and manage their gift card programs.

Differentiating Our Exceptional Services

At Wolfe, our commitment to unparalleled service sets us apart from the competition. 
Speed of Service: We have the fastest order-to-ship process in the industry, ensuring swift processing and shipment from start to finish.
Immediate Fulfillment: Our in-house fulfillment center, facilitates same-day shipping, guaranteeing swift delivery of your orders.
Customized Programs and Technologies: Tailored solutions and cutting-edge tech to meet your unique needs, providing personalized branding and advanced digital platforms.
Fast, Personalized Gifting with Handwritten Messages!

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